Munawwar Rana profile

Munawwar Rana (Urdu: منور رانا, Hi: मुनव्वर राना) is a Urdu poet. He hails from Rae Bareli in Uttar Pradesh but spent most of his life in Kolkata. He is considered to be one of the most successful poets at Mushairas and is popular outside India also.

Rana's poetry has also been published in Hindi and Bangla. The notable feature of his poetry is that he used the genre of ghazal to eulogise mother which is unique, as ghazal was considered a poetic form in which lovers' conversed with each other. Apart from his poetry collection, Rana has also penned a memoir.

He had a public spat with poet Bashir Badr at a public function Rana is known to be a sensitive poet who uses Hindi and Awadhi words in the couplets. He avoids using flowery language and shuns chaste Urdu in his couplets, which is a reason that he is successful in poetic meetings in non-Urdu areas also.

He has also performed poetry on stage. One recent performance was at Culrav, the cultrural event of NIT Allahabad, in 2012.