Waseem Barelvi

Prof. Waseem Barelvi Zahid Hasan commonly known as Prof. Waseem Barelvi (born on February 8th, 1940 in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh/ India) is one of the most renowned Urdu poet of India. Whose name is synonymous in all over the world with Urdu poetry.

Education: He obtained his master's degree in Urdu (First class first) from Agra University, Agra in 1958

Career: He began his career first as an Assistant Professor (1962-1980) and then as an Associate Professor & Head (1980-2000), Dept. of Urdu, Bareilly college, Bareilly. He also worked as a Dean, Faculty of Art, Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University, Bareilly (1998-2000). Presently he is working as Vice Chairman, National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language, Ministry of Human Resource Development, (Department of Higher Education), Govt. of India (2011- Till now).

Research Positions: More than ten research scholars have been awarded PhD degree in Urdu under his supervision.

Poetry: Prof. Waseem Barelvi's poetry has been published in scores of literary magazines in India as well as Pakistan and some other countries also. He has attended more than thousands of Seminars, Mushairas in various cities of India, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, The United States of America and all over the world so far. His works are commented upon and assessed by eminent scholars, poets and critics like: Firaq Gorakhpuri, Prof. Mohd. Hasan, Nusoor Wahedi, Shameem Kirhani, Dr. Tanweer Ahmad Alvi, Prof. Jagan Nath Aazad, Prof. Qamar Rais, Prof. Muzaffar Hanfi, Dr. Abdul Mughni, Dr. Sahar Ansari (Pakistan), Mahshar Badayuni (Pakistan), Prof. Aafaq Ahmad Siddiqi (Karachi-Pakistan), Rif'at Sarosh, Dilawar Figar, Prof. Yunis Sharar, Prof. Manazir Aashiq Harganvi, Hameera Athar (Karachi-Pakistan), Abdul Ahad Saaz and Ishrat Zafar.....etc. Whose assessments were compiled and edited by Haseeb Soz and published in 1996 titled Lamhen Lamhen: Prof. Waseem Barelvi No. Yet another PhD Thesis compiled by Dr. Javed Naseemi titled Waseem Barelvi: Hayat Aur Karname (in press).

He is a poet of various moods. He has published more than six collections of poetry in Urdu and two in Hindi. Some of the titles are mentioned below:

● Tabassum-e-Gham (Urdu) (1966) ● Aansu Mere Daman Tera (Hindi) (1990) ● Mizaj (Urdu) (1990) ● Aankh Aansu Hui (Urdu) (2000) ● Mera kya (Hindi) (2000) ● Aankhon Aankhon Rahe (Urdu) (2007) ● Mera kya (Urdu) (2007) ● Mausam Andar Bahar Ke (Urdu) (2007)

His ghazals and other compositions are sung by prominent singers, including Lata Mangeshkar, Mahendra Kapoor, Jagjeet Singh, Tal'at Azeez, Pankaj Udhas, Chandan Das.....etc.


He is awarded numerous National and International awards. Some of the titles are mentioned below:

● Award for eminent creative writing by Urdu Academy; Lucknow ● Imtiyaz-e-Mir Award by Mir Taqi Mir Academy, Lucknow ● Ghazal Award by Hindi Urdu Sangam, Lucknow ● Award for eminent creative writing by Kala Smiriti, Ludhiyana ● All India Hindi-Urdu Sahitya Award, Lucknow ● Special Ghazal Award by Anjuman- Amroha-Karachi (Pakistan) ● Ghazal Award by Eliot College, Karachi (Pakistan) ● Naseem-e-Urdu Award by the Osmanians, Chicago, (U.S.A.) ● Felicitations by Consulate General of India, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1997, 2005 ● Sahitya Sarsawat Award by Hindi Sahitya Sammelan Paryag ● Literary Award by Gahwara-e-Adab, USA ● Felicitations and Award of Honorary citizenship/ selection as goodwill ambassador (2007) by Huston City Council Texas, U.S.A. ● Firaq International Award, 2008 ● Sardar Jafri Literary Award, Texas America, 2009 ● Janvani Award (2011)


● Member of Central Advisory Board of Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India (2012-Till now) ● Member of Urdu Academy, Lucknow ● Lifetime Member of Anjuman Islamia, Bareilly ● Former Warden of Civil Defence, Bareilly ● Former member, Advisory Committee, Akashwani & DD (Ministry of Information and Broadcasting) ● Former member of Programme Consultation Committee for Akashwani, Rampur

Founder Member: ● Hind Higher Secondary School, Badholia C B Ganj, Bareilly

President: ● Jan Satarkta Committee, Bareilly ● Bareilly Nagrik Samaj ● Majlis-e-Intizamia Khalil Higher Secondary School, Bareilly ● A.R. Rohilkhand High School, Bareilly

Patron: ● Manavseva Club, Bareilly