Genres of urdu poetry

Poetry sets ablaze the passion of masses about the literary treasure of any language. Urdu poetry is no exception. It serves as a great medium of expression of diverse ideas in catchy and attractive forms. It has played a great role in evolution of Urdu literature and its propagation to huge masses all across the globe.

It offers quite a diverse canvas for expressing one’s deep emotions. The main forms of expression used by Urdu poetry include ghazal, qasida, marsia, nazam, masnavi, tazkira, etc. Given below is the basic information about each one of them to give you an idea about what they look like.


Nazm constitutes major part of Urdu poetry, both volume and impact wise. It has travelled far across the tides of time right from the early pros like Nazeer Akbarabadi, Firaq, Josh, Iqbal, Hali to the contemporary poets with the likes of Paigham Afaqui, Farhat Ehsas, Zahida Zaidi, Kishwar Naheed etc. The poets of every era have bestowed “nazm” a new facet and new meaning, contributing greatly in its evolution.


Ghazal genre can be referred as the heart and soul of Urdu poetry without any exaggeration. It has been able to touch the hearts and souls of masses like none other. Right from the classic expertise of Mir, Ghalib, Dard, etc to the likes of Faiz, Faraz, Sahir Ludhyanvi, every single person has added a new touch to this effective medium of expression for Urdu poetry.


An ode; mostly used to express gratitude of the poet for rulers, kings, warriors or other note worthy dignitaries.  


It is used to express the grief and concern about the death of Hassan (A.S) and Hussain (A.S), and their families.