Daagh Dehlvi

andazebayan.com Daagh’s real name was Nawab Mirza Khan. He was born in Delhi in 1831. Daagh lost his father, Nawab Shamsuddin Khan when he was just seven years old. Subsequently, his mother remarried the heir apparent of the Mughal Empire, Shahzada Fateh-ul-Mulk otherwise known as Mirza Fakhru, the son of the last Mughal emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar. This meant Daagh was brought up in the royal environ of the Red Fort that was the symbolic seat of illustrious power. He was also fortunate enough to acquire a princely education. The emperor, Zafar and Daagh’s stepfather, Mirza Fakhru, were poets themselves and they were the pupils of the poet laureate Sheikh Ibrahim Zauq. Such a literar